The  Green Box
The Green Box is a short video that takes note on what it's like for me living in quarantine time during the COVID-19 pandemic. The story of the Green Box is rather a strange one with a bit of David Lynch vibes. It takes me on a journey were I discover an old English taxi cab that shrinks me to it's size after being exposed to it for too long. Then I'm being put in the Greenbox (excited and not knowing what is going to happen) hoping for an outcome of this madness that quarantine creates. 
Sadly though, the Greenbox shows our Prime Minister Mark Rutte telling us that there isn't going to be an easy way out of the situation. I'm not very pleased to hear this while he is telling this which drivers me to the point of insanity. The video ends with the screaming of people in a rollercoaster as Mark Rutte earlier describes the feeling of we sitting in a rollercoaster which seems to be going faster and faster.
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